Plató Hospital Ophthalmology Unit specialises in treatment of cataracts, pterygium and glaucoma.

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Surgical care specialties:

1. Cataract surgery:

Over 6,000 procedures since 2001. The most common technique is phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation. Type of admittance: Ambulatory surgery.

The intraocular lens is the natural lens of the eye. Over the years, the lens becomes cloudy and does not let light into the eye. This causes progressive loss of vision. Cataract surgery consists in removing the lens that has become opaque. The lens is removed preserving the transparent capsule, so as to be able to implant an intraocular lens in its interior. This lens is customised for each eye so as to adjust it to the desired setting. This makes it possible to no longer use glasses.
We usually carry out this intervention with topical anaesthesia (eye drops) and sedation, so that within minutes after it is ended, the patient can go home.

2. Pterygium surgery:

Over 500 procedures since 2001. The most common technique is pterygium excision and conjunctival auto-graft reconstruction.

The pterygium is an abnormal growth of the conjunctiva over the cornea. When the pterygium causes discomfort, grows in such a way that it is a threat to the visual axis or causes progressive astigmatism, surgical excision is indicated. Pterygium surgery consists in removing the lesion and repairing the affected area with a conjunctival auto-graft. This auto-graft is fixated in the area to be repaired with sutures or tissue adhesive.
We use local anaesthesia which allows the patient to go home within minutes of the end of the intervention.

Medical care specialties:

1. Cornea and ocular surface

2. Glaucoma:

Laser and medical treatment. 

Special program for early diagnosis of glaucoma by means of:

  • study of the optic nerve with optical coherence tomography.
  • study of visual field using computerised perimeter.
  • study of corneal thickness with optical pachymetry (no contact).



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