Oncology Team

Dr. Agustí Pedro


Academic Formation

• Specialisation in Oncology and Radiotherapy at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona. 
• Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, University of Barcelona, 1982. 
• Radioactive Facilities Supervisor specializing in Biomedicine and Research. 


• Plató Hospital, Head of Oncology and Radiotherapy.

Teaching Activity/Associations

    Professor of Electroradiology PhD Course, School of Medicine, University of Barcelona (from 1984-1987). 
    Investigator in Research Project No. 91/00200201 - FIS- Grant, directed by Dr. A. Sanchez-Reyes: A study of peripheral doses to the pituitary, lens, thyroid, uterus and gonads in treatment with external radiotherapy. 
    Professor of Basic Medical Oncolocy Course. Medical Sindicate of Catalonia, Barcelona. (1992-1994). 
    Member of the Scientific Committee of the  Symposium on new technologies, present and future of radiotherapeutic oncology. Barcelona (1999) Scientific Committee. 
    Member of the Work Group of the Spanish Association of Radiotherapy and Oncology, AERO, to bring out a consensus document for preparation of a Quality Assurance Programme in Radiation Therapy published in C & S Papers Series, International Atomic Energy Agency 2001. 
    Visiting Professor at the I Catalan Congress of Breast Disease. Radiotherapy as adjuvant treatment in breast cancer. Barcelona (2002). 
    Participated in the development of a Prostate Cancer Guide in the Program of Clinical Practice Guidelines for Cancer in Catalonia. Barcelona (2004). 
    Participated in the development of a Breast Cancer Guide in the Program of Clinical Practice Guidelines for Cancer in Catalonia. Barcelona (2004). 
    Professor of the XIX edition of the seminars General Aspects and Basic Research in Breast Cancer. Update in Irradiation of Breast Cancer. Barcelona (2005). 
    Investigator in the DART01/05 Project - FIS Grant, directed by Dr. A. Zapatero. Phase III Multicentre Randomised Trial of Adjuvant Androgen Deprivation in Combination With Three-dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy Doses in High and Intermediate Risk Localised Prostate Cancer. 
    Lecturer responsible for credits Oncology Training Course, Advanced Level: Specialist in Radiotherapy. SAM Claret Study Centre since 2008. 
    Member of the Tumour Committee of Hospital Sagrado Corazón, since 1996. 
    Member of the Tumour Committee at Hospital of Hospital de San Rafael, since 1997. 
    Chairman of Plató Hospital Tumour Committee, since 2010. 
    Member of Clinical Oncology and Haematology Group of the Integral Health Area Barcelona Esquerra - AISBE, since 2011. 


    Catalan - Balearic Society of Oncology. Member of the Board 2001 and 2002. 
    Catalan - Balearic Society of Palliative Care. 
    Spanish Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (SEOR). 
    ● European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO). 
    Catalan - Occitan Oncology Group (GOCO). Secretary of the Board since November 2012. 
    Catalan Association for Cancer Research and its Health and Social Implications (ACROSS). 
    Spanish Group of Conservative Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer (GETCOCACU). 
    Spanish Breast Radiation Oncology Group (GEORM). 

Publications and conferences

• Author of over 20 articles published in national and international scientific journals.
• Author of 4 chapters of books 
• Author of more than 150 papers in national and international conferences. 
• Attendance at over 60 national and international conferences and symposia.


    Speaker at the Seminar on Joint Care in Oncology and Haematology AISBE, Late complications in radiotherapy treatments. Barcelona, May 2012. 
    Speaker at the X Catalan, Valencian, Balearic Seminar on Radiation Oncology. Management of Erectile Dysfunction in the Context of Radiation Oncology. Girona, April 2012. 
    Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Twentieth Congress of the GOCO (Catalan Occitan Oncology Group). Barcelona, November 2012. 
    Speaker at the Second Conference on Joint Care in Oncology and Haematology AISBE. Committee for Prostate Cancer Tumours. Barcelona, March 2013. 
    Speaker at the XII Congress of Catalan Breast Pathology - XX Intensive Breast Pathology Course. Radiation therapy: indications and new techniques. Vic, June 2013. 
    Investigator of multicentre project: Prospective cohort study of intraoperative radiotherapy (RIO) as sole treatment or as boost treatment followed by external radiotherapy or standard radiotherapy versus partial breast Irradiation with 3D-conformal radiation therapy in early stages of breast cancer. 

Areas of Expertise

• Specialist in Radiation Oncology. 
• More than 1,200 radiation treatments a year in the last ten years.


Dr. Hoyuela


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