I would like to thank all staff of the Hospital "Plato" for their responsive and caring attitude, and their professionalism! In late October, my mother came to the hospital to have a complicated hip surgery with a long rehabilitation. We decided to do the surgery in Spain, after hearing many positive comments about the high level of medicine in this country. Thanks to BCM Dept. of Eastern Europe support and management, we were able to reach the hospital. We were attended by the Dr. Angeles Salvador, who not only did a perfect surgery, but also was very attentive, friendly and accurate to all our requests and questions! I've been with my mother throughout all the hospitalization process, and I can say that the convenience and comfort we had was like a nice hotel. Moreover, the positive attitude of all the staff of the hospital is really different in comparison with the hospitals in Russia! We felt like a family because our nurses responded to any request we made at the first call! Special thanks to Laura, our physiotherapist, who literally put my mother to her feet, and taught her to walk again! After 5 days in hospital rehabilitation, my mother began to walk with a crutch. For two weeks we've been in Barcelona until the stitches were removed, my mother was walking without crutches! Thanks to all who helped us! We will recommend to everybody your Hospital here in Russia, my mother is a good testimonial of how a complex surgery may be successful and painless!                

A. G.


Dear Employees from Plato Hospital! I was in your hospital from July 29th to August 2nd and then follow-up a postoperative rehabilitation in a hotel in Barcelona. The treatment I received was a left hip prosthetic surgery. Me and my wife (who was with me all the time) we want to thank you wholeheartedly for your warmth and kindness throughout the stay, especially for the high level of professionalism, which showed all the staff we met. I feel great. All my relatives, friends and acquaintances were surprised by the good results at my return from Barcelona. Special thanks to Dr. Serra, and also to Maria, the physiotherapists coordinator, and dr. Anna, our physiotherapist. May God grant you good health and happiness!  

P. B.




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