Plató Hospital Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery Service treats all musculoskeletal pathologies.

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Plató Hospital Department of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery has historically focused on the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic pathologies of both lower and upper limbs. It includes a Specialised Spine Surgery Unit. The Service consists of a team in constant pursuit of excellence, who undergo training in innovative techniques. The professionals in the department have extensive experience with arthroscopic knee surgery (both with regards to meniscal injuries, and ligament and cartilage injuries) and arthroscopic shoulder surgery (tendon injuries with or without tendon repair and dislocations); they attend more than 300 cases per year. 

The Service also provides specialised prosthetic surgery, predominantly hip and knee, both cemented and non-cemented, by means of conventional techniques or MIS (minimally invasive surgery); and specialists in foot surgery, both simple and complex procedures using conventional operating techniques or percutaneous techniques with regional anaesthetic techniques and discharge with ambulatory surgery. 

Plató Hospital Spine Surgery Unit has been operational in since 2005. Our team regularly performs rhizotomy procedures, facet injections, fusion (lumbar and cervical) disc prosthesis. 

The Orthopaedic Surgery team offers a high level of professionalism and expertise, constantly training and learning new techniques and procedures to achieve satisfactory resolution of pathologies, reduced hospital stays and fast and successful patient recovery. We have available all imaging techniques (X-rays, ultrasound, CT, scintigraphy, magnetic resonance) and laboratory tests to achieve an early diagnosis of our patients.



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